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Interior Design
My unique talents and Design foresight allow me to bring fresh ideas and a creative eye to your project, big or small! A Color Consultation will help you find the perfect paint, textiles or fabrics suited to Your Individual Personality and Style. Perhaps you require more Extensive Services and are planning a Renovation, Redesign, or starting a New Project from the ground up. A Design Consultation will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive plan plus give you the tools to bring your vision to life, and serve as a helpful and neccessary guide for your Home Improvement project from beginning to end. I will help you put all the puzzle pieces together and turn your Design Dreams into Reality!

Home Styling


​We all have our own Personal Style and our Individual Tastes show in how our homes and spaces look as well. I can help guide you to make the choices in your Decor that truly reflect who you are, and provide you with Comfort, Style and Beauty, suited to your particular lifestyle needs. Perhaps you are selling your home, or are planning a big event or party. Proper Staging can make all the difference in finding a buyer quickly and for the right amount of money, or can help make your event or party a huge success. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with "stuff," and a lack of time or energy. My Professional Organizing skills can free you in a big way, and create a more Efficient and Functional use of your space. Whatever the challenge I can help you!

Project Management


We all face many challenges in our daily lives, and often don't have alot of time outside of family life, work, and our social schedules. Taking on a Renovation or Design Project, is a very demanding and sometimes disruptive process. If not managed well, this can lead to stress, dissapointment, less than desirable results, and often costly situations that might have been avoided. With my extensive Project Management Skills, I take care of all the Details neccessary for your project to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible from start to finish. From Arranging, Overseeing and Organizing the trades, to Time Management, Product Research, Sourcing and Purchasing, I serve as  Project Liason, and will assist you with important decisions. Let me Free you from Renovation stress and provide you with Beautiful results!

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